Terms & Conditions
All the terms and conditions for the store.

What can you sell?

Authentic pre-owned streetwear and designer  items including Sneakers, Apparel. Bags and accessories.

To sell on Bricks, please ensure that:

  • Your items are 100% genuine.

  • Your items are pre-owned. We do not accept brand new items.

  • Your items are streetwear or designer items that may be found at Prior.


List your items on BRICKS for free.

Success fee: 12.9%.  6% (Limited time success Fee)

Success fees are charged when an item is sold
(This policy applies in cases where you are unable to fulfill the order and when you lose your dispute, as you will still be charged the success fee.)

This fee is automatically deducted from the payout you receive, ensuring a hassle-free payment process.